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Located in the heart of the beautiful medieval hilltop town of Cortona in Tuscany, Cortona Language Centre is conveniently placed in a historic building on one of the main shopping streets of Cortona, only a few steps from the main Piazza della Repubblica.

Cortona Language Centre offers Italian language and culture courses throughout the year, for students at all levels, using fully qualified native speaking teachers. Students are given the opportunity to learn and improve their linguistic skills in a simple and effective manner, in a friendly and stimulating environment, where lessons are tailored to suit individual needs. Courses are aimed to build a solid vocabulary, as well as fluency in interaction.

Students are immediately made to feel welcome in a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Classrooms are spacious and bright, and the school's private courtyard provides the perfect location for outdoor lessons on warm days. Students can choose to attend Italian lessons on an individual basis, as a couple, or as part of a small group.

For students who are not able to join us in Cortona, as well as overseas students who have attended a course with us and who wish to continue their learning of the Italian language once they return home, why not take a look at the Skype Lessons we offer – just because you aren't in Cortona with us, it doesn't mean you can't be a student with Cortona Language Centre.
Located in the heart of medieval Cortona, this palazzo is one of Cortona's most historic and architecturally significant structures. The building was owned by the noble Cortonese Vagnucci family, who occupied the property in the 16th century and maintained ownership until the second half of the 19th century. 

Our school is located in the historic Palazzo Vagnucci. According to a number of bibliographic sources, the building was constructed in the first half of the 13th century and was the home of the renowned Coppi family, where it is believed that the celebrated Frate Elia lived. Quoting the 19th century author, Girolamo Mancini, the stones and masonry of the structure are "squared just like those employed for the church of Saint Francis and the Palazzo Popolo on Via Passerini. 
The building was erected in the first half of the 13th century and may even date further back in time."  It is located just steps away from Cortona's shopping, cafes, bars and restaurants. A unique piece of Cortona's history, with its own courtyard.

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Half Day Hands-On Cooking Classes – Good Home Cooking –The Italian Way!

Join Antonietta for an authentic half day Tuscan cooking class.  Classes are fun and informal and use local recipes and traditions passed down from generation to generation.  Learn how to make home made pasta and other typical Tuscan dishes.  Cooking classes can be taken either in the school kitchen in the heart of Cortona, or at Antonietta's restored farmhouse, only a ten minute drive from the school.